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Nuovo Stadio road, 7
07029 Tempio P. (OT)

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CENTER: Nuovo Stadio tree-lined avenue, 7 - 07029 Tempio P. (OT) - Phone. +39.079.632689
OPERATING CENTER: Nuovo Stadio tree-lined avenue, 7 - 07029 Tempio P. (OT) - Phone. +39.079.632689

The territory of Tempio Pausania tells an ancient history that it draws its origins sin from the neolithic age as they testify the circles megaliti to us, the dolmen, the nuraghi still today very conserved and visitabili in all the surrounding area. Thanks to a rich territory of resources and strategically voted to the control of the surrounding territory, Tempio Pausania assumes sin from its birth the role of city-giuda and main point of reference for all the little ones centers of the entroterra gallurese. The name of the city " Templum" it has been traced for the first time in an ecclesiastical document of 1173: l' hypothesis more credited ago to derive the toponimo from the Latin " templum" , nell' meaning of " slope, scarpata". This hypothesis would tie the name all' area in which the cathedral of the city rose, to greater a altimetrica quota regarding the rest of the lived one. It by now seems certainly instead that the Pausania name drifts instead from the locality Pasana, little one center near the city of Olbia, center of the ancient diocese. In the 1300 city of Tempio the role of center of the curatore of the territorial district of Gemini is indicated with the name of Templi Villa in quality of rural center of the Sentence of Gallura, covering.  
In 1506 thanks to the accorpamento of the dioceses of Civita and Ampurias, Tempio becomes center episcopal, adding to its political importance also a role in religious within of first slowly. The leadership of continuous Tempio in XVII the century with the Institution of the Advanced Schools of the Scolopi Fathers. In the 1837 king Carl Alberto di Savoia it grants to Tempio, chief town of an immensest province and center of Prefettura, the honors of Town hall and the administrative dignity of city.
To the beginnings of the 1900's a strong increase of the population which had to the progressive abandonment of the tonnages is recorded towards the city with an increase building without precedence. Today Tempio Pausania is without a doubt one of the more industrialized nuclei of the rinomato island center of handicraft and industrial working of raw materials which granito and the cork and the wine.
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